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2017 - Greece, Dodecanese

€ 890.00 da € 690.00
From august 5th to august 26th 2017. 1, 2 or 3 weeks Flotillas. The chosen itinerary for our Dodecanese sailing cruise is rich in enchanted bays, archeological sites and unknown beaches. Starting from Kos we'll set sail to north and then proceeding to the beauties of Kalimnos, Leros, Lipsi, Arki and Patmos, stunning islands with the famous white buildings. We'll then sail to south where distances are broader; here we'll visit islands like Chalki and Simy, the latter considered the Portofino of Dodecanese. We'll be sailing in flotilla in a variegated archipelago, searching for the best bay to have fun or a village to warm with our joy.

2017 - Greece, Cyclades islands

da € 790.00
From august 5th to august 19th 2017. 1 or 2 weeks Flotillas. Discover the real beauty of Cyclades archipelago on a sailing vacation, about 40 islands - looking bleak but green inside - situated in the middle of Aegean sea. This flotilla cruise by Mondovela wants to explore golden beaches and crystal clear water but also delicious food and evenings of great entertainment. This summer come to Cyclades with us!

2017 - Greece, Sporades islands

da € 790.00
From august 5th to august 19th. 1 or 2 weeks Flotilla. According to greek mythology Jason while commanding the Argonauts sets off from the shores of the city of Volos in search of the Golden Fleece. Not far from there the island Skiathos will be our departure base for our 15 days cruise in the Sporades, the enchanting archipelago situated a few miles north of Eubea. Along the coasts of the various islands, countless coves and inlets offer - within walking distance of each from 'other - safe anchorages for all tastes. Navigation will exploit the Meltemi, a dry wind and cool that promises peaceful sailing.

2017 - Oneway Sardegna-Liguria

da € 550.00
Dal 26 agosto al 3 settembre. Crociera di 8 giorni. La crociera ideale per vivere una vera avventura in mare, solcando le acque del Mediterraneo dalla Sardegna alla Liguria come dei provetti marinai. Una settimana di vela allo stato puro, per scoprire una delle rotte più belle d'Italia.

2017 - Sardinia: Caribbean at hand

da € 790.00
From august 5th to august 19th 2017. 1 or 2 weeks Flotillas. The Costa Smeralda is one of the most enchanting places in the Mediterranean are: that's why Sardinian sea has been repeatedly compared to that of Caribbean. This summer explore it with us on a funny sailing vacation in Maddalena archipelago. Our cruise will last 2 weeks between homegrown food, enchanted beaches and traditions of one of the best-known and loved destinations in Italy.

2017 - Sicily: Aeolian islands flotilla

da € 790.00
From august 5th to august 19th 2017. 1 or 2 weeks Flotillas. The Aeolian islands are located in the north-eastern part of Sicily. Discover the beauty of this land with us. Our cruise provides floating parties, sensational itineraries, drinks on board and so many unique moments for a sailing vacation to remember. An 8 days flotilla, to get deep in the blue sea and discover Mediterranean beauties.

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