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Cabin Cruises


Here you will find the best individual boarding proposals in the world.

These are à la cabine cruises on individual boats or catamarans, comfortable and elegant, and with ample spaces dedicated to conviviality and relaxation, which navigate throughout the year in a specific area.

The crews, perfect acquaintances of the cruise areas, offer a high quality service.

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Catamaran Cabin Charter | Sailing Vacation | Sicily Aegadian islands

da € 1,100.00
We will sail in Sicily to the Aegadian Islands, from Trapani or Marsala, towards Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo, or in the Zingaro's reserve and San Vito lo Capo. A beautiful Lagoon 440 catamaran for your sailing holiday in cabin charter, an incredible Cabin only for you two!

Cinque Terre Park | Catamaran cabin charter | Sailing week end | Italy Liguria

€ 780.00 da € 650.00
The best short holiday catamaran cruise, in the paradise of the Cinque Terre national park. Daily sailing or short-long weekends, according to your wishes. Cabin charter or whole catamaran for you!

Bavaria 42 Ionian Greece

da € 550.00
From may to september. 1 or 2 weeks cruises. The mythological charm of Ionian Greece has always enchanted sailors: over 120 islands of which 20 circa inhabited. Ionian islands are characterized by ideal weather, With constant and punctual thermal breezes. A unique and unforgettable experience that of sailing Driven by the wind Maestrale, among colorful and fragrant Mediterranean landscapes on the routes run by Ulysses and the island of Itaca, between bays and reefs of crystalline waters, among dolphins joining the bow, among temples and fishing villages to enjoy the typical cuisine, fresh fish and the warm hospitality of the Greeks.

Aegadian islands on board of Bavaria 50

da € 500.00
From June to September. 1 or more weeks cruises. Aegadian islands, wild and rich in history, are surrounded by a crystal clear sea lapping small white beaches and steep shores, where deep caves dug in the tuff open up, between crops of capers, fruit trees, wineyards and rare mediterranean plants.

Cyclades or Dodecanese on board of Cyclades 50

da € 390.00
Among giangts, colossuses and knights. From May to October 2017. 1 or 2 weeks cruises to discover Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades and also many places in Argosaronic with its beaches, crystal clear waters, pine forests and significant archeological sites that make this destination the favourite holiday spot for many Athenians. Skipper Luigi began his first sailing cruises in the early 90's and during time has become a connoisseur of Greece. With his stunning Cyclades 50.5 ( 5 comfortable double cabins and 3 heads) he offers exciting sailing vacations in the most beautiful places of Hellenic archipelagos.

Corse Cruise North Route

da € 1,445.00
From july to september. 1 week cruises. As soon as we arrive myrtle and lentisk scents inebriate us, then white sandy beaches and the most incredible waters of the entire Mediterranean sea...

Corse Cruise South Route

da € 1,270.00
From june to september. 1 week cruises. As soon as we arrive myrtle and lentisk scents inebriate us, then white sandy beaches and the most incredible waters of the entire Mediterranean sea...

G. Soleil 46, sailing between greek islands

da € 650.00
From may to november. 7 or 10 days cruises. Brunella, passionate about sea and sailing since up to 20 years, after a long sailing experience in caribbean and in pacific ocean in the Fiji, she now sails in the Mediterranean. Her cruises start during spring in high adriatic sea, then in Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia or Albania and in may and then from june to october in Greece: Ionian islands, Cyclades and Dodecanese. With a beautiful sailing itinerary you can visit always different places with weekly cruises but also 10-12 days cruises from april to october. The boat is provided with 3 comfortable and wide double cabins and 2 heads. Wide spaces for only 6 guests that enjoy of an accurate service. Guests can collaborate in life on board or simply enjoy their holiday without making anything. Two people make the crew during july and august to offer a better service. During other months the skipper always care about cooking and guests can collaborate with onboard tasks, an opportunity to approach the philosophy of boat life. Cooking is the flagship of this boat. The skipper offers local and italian dishes depending on the ingredients available in the various villages, by varying in healthy and tasty recipes, rich in fruit and vegetables, fish or meat but also pizzas, first dishes with homemade pasta and different desserts everyday. Brunella offers to her guests maximum comfort and with her experience and knowledge of these places offers most suggestive and interesting itineraries, land in the quaint villages and anchored in beautiful bays.

Greece, sea and pleasantness

da € 400.00
From may to october. 1 or 2 weeks cruises. If you haven't already tried the feeling of sailing this is the perfect occasion! A sailing cruise is the perfect mix between relax and fun, sun and sea, pristine bays and starry sky, all made unique by the evocative landscape of greek islands, exceptional frame for a special painting: you and your well-being. The afternoon breeze in the hair, wind that swells the sails, stars as compass, turquoise waters bays as anchors, rock, jazz and blues as soundtrack, drinks under the sunset and dinners under milky way's light, are just some of the elements waiting for all sea lovers, as well as anyone who just wants to spend an alternative holiday that can capture a myriad of positive and exciting surprises. Choose 1 or 2 weeks cruise in Aegean sea between Dodecanese and Cyclades archipelagos to ensure you a memorable summer, to be kept in the repository of the memories and add to the suitcase of experiences an additional piece of shimmering shades.

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