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Cabin Cruises


Here you will find the best individual boarding proposals in the world.

These are à la cabine cruises on individual boats or catamarans, comfortable and elegant, and with ample spaces dedicated to conviviality and relaxation, which navigate throughout the year in a specific area.

The crews, perfect acquaintances of the cruise areas, offer a high quality service.

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San Blas, Panama | Noleggio esclusivo o crociera cabin charter in catamarano | Catana 47

da € 200.00 per 1 day(s)
Il paradiso terrestre si trova nell'arcipelago di San Blas: oltre 360 isole gettate nell'azzurro più cristallino del mare del Canale di Panama. Un territorio quasi incontaminato che racconta le antiche tradizioni dei Kuna, una popolazione di indios che vive in maniera indipendente secondo le proprie leggi. Qui il coloratissimo vestito tradizionale delle donne, le famose “mola”, è ancora in largo uso; decorato con pannelli di tessuto realizzati a mano, è considerato uno dei manufatti artigianali più belli di Panama. Possibilità di noleggio anche in esclusiva!

Bahamas 2018: an incredible april!

da € 2,190.00
From april 22nd to may 1st 2018. FLIGHTS INCLUDED. A 10 days Flottilla - sailing from april 23th to april 30th. Scattered like precious jewels on 3.800 square km of tropical sea Bahamas islands cover an area of just 13.939 square km of land. This archipelago that's situated in the upper Caribbean is made of 700 islands, uninhabited cays and big rocks. Sailing on a catamaran is the best way to explore all these atolls that taste of corals, amazing new foods and crystal clear sea. Each island of the Caribbean has a character on its own and our duty is discovering them while sailing and having fun.

San Blas Cruise

da € 180.00 per 1 day(s)
All the year. Weekly and daily cruises. 365 atolls form the San Blas archipelago (Panama), the unusual Caribbean destination where this comfortable sailing boat will sail: a magnificent 15,00 mt Sloop. An extraordinary labyrinth of white sandy islands covered with coconut trees abd surrounded by beautiful coral formations ensuring an always abundant fishing and a wide variety of diving. In this fascinating and almost forgotten world you'll explore solitary moorings while meeting the Kunas, the ethnic group that maintains its independence and fiercely preserves the tribal traditions. Not to be missed Rio Sidra for some ethnic shopping between the colorful craft products of this clear soul people as the water that surrounds these pristine islands.

April 25th to the Seychelles

da € 2,190.00
From April 21th to Maj 1st. Seychelles archipelago is a natural Park in the middle of Indian Ocean. The best way to visit these isles is travelling on board of a catamaran. Fauna and Flora typical of the area become framework for the joy and kindness of local population. The discovery of this unique marine park is the true leitmotiv of our cruise: fine white sand, sea at 360° and aquatic animals. Explore Seychelles with Mondovela!

June 2nd in Aegadian Islands

da € 450.00
Aegadian archipelago is situated at the western end of Sicily, in front of the coast of Marsala and Trapani. The islands of this archipelago are: Favignana, the bigger one and most known one, Levanzo, Marettimo and the smaller islands of Formica and Maraone.

June in Aegadian Islands

da € 690.00
Aegadian archipelago is situated at the western end of Sicily, in front of the coast of Marsala and Trapani. The islands of this archipelago are: Favignana, the bigger one and most known one, Levanzo, Marettimo and the smaller islands of Formica and Maraone.

San Blas Islands Chain Cruise

da € 195.00 per 1 day(s)
All the year. Daily and weekly cruises. Wild beauty of the lush coastline, of islands adorned with palm trees, white sandy beaches and coral reefs full of life, make this archipelago of 360 islands an unmissable destination for a sailing vacation. Even more fascinating is the possibility to meet the Kuna, the local population, and their culture and lifestyle. These indios live independently according to their laws and traditions. Here many ancient traditions still persist, as the colorful traditional dress of women, the famous "mola". Decorated with panels of handmade fabric, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful handicrafts in Panama. This will be an unforgettable sailing vacation!

Tobago Cays, Grenadines Cruise

da € 1,010.00
Weekly cruises throughout the year. Grenada is famous for being the spices island, very green thanks to a large part of virgin forest intact. It truly is interesting to visit this place for its wild and pristine nature, ideal spot also for trekking and hiking lovers. Nevertheless, there are the beautiful beaches and the Caribbean Sea in the most touristic part in the south of the capital. From here we'll sail to discover the heart of Grenadine islands. Even the most disenchanted will tell you that Grenadines are extraordinary. Grenadines are a group of many islands and sailing between them is very exciting. Anchors are countless and navigation is unmatched. Seen from above, it appears as an unbroken chain of islands and islets. This paradise could be summarized with 3 letters: SVG, literally the abbreviation for St.Vincent & Grenadines, a handful of islands thrown in the more crystalline blue of the Lesser Antilles. Windward Islands, are 125 between islands, islets and atolls, which just 7 are inhabited. A paradise for sailors thanks to a perfect route which you can develop down from north to south with more favorable wind, but not just that: also sedentary tourism is worth for an unforgettable holiday dedicated to relax, fun and healthy sea life.

Grenadine deluxe Cruise

da € 1,040.00
1 week cruises. One of the most beautiful routes in the world, Grenadines are a group of 600 islands of Lesser Antilles located in the Caribbean sea, in the north of the island of Grenada and south of the island of Saint Vincent. Northern Grenadines include, between main islands, Bequia, Canouan, Mustique, Mayreau and Union, all included in the independent state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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