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MONDOVELA adopts highly ethical standards and respect your privacy, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent. However, We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to our employees and our agents and representatives who, with our consent, have access to these informations and who need to access them with the sole purpose of carrying out their duties on our behalf (Including customer service and internal polling companies), all so that you can enjoy a better service.
Below we will also explain how to contact us if you have any questions about your personal information.

Mondovela is travel agency and Tour operator with licence nr. 61860/00 Regione Lombardia 29/09/2000 and insurance policy UnipolSai n. 100070565. Services are offered online through our websites, mobile applications, and other online platforms such as partner websites and social media. The following information applies to all these platforms.

Privacy Policy
Mondovela strictly protects the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The privacy policy applies to all our services (accessible or made available on a network or across any platform or medium - hereinafter referred to as "the website").

Collection of information
When you sign up for Mondovela to access the services you will be required to complete online forms to enter: name and surname, address (home or office), your e-mail (private or office one), your phone number (cellphone, home or office), the corporate name of the company you represent, of your credit card (For example, type and credit card number, CVC security codes, expiration date and name of the holder) and your IBAN code.

Disclosure of personal data
For the fulfillment of our services, we will be able to collect the above information for specific purposes. Your personal data and payment information will only be disclosed to the counterparty following the booking request in order to allow the payment of the deposit due.

Contact Forms:
To protect your personal information from any disclosure, and subject to the law, if the data is necessary for any criminal investigations, court proceedings or injunctions, we will notify your name, surname, contacts and credit card details. In any case, we inform you that from time to time we will be able to use third-party distributors to provide us with useful services and functions. These third-party distributors will be able to access (part of) your personal data with the sole purpose of completing their services and their functions, although they have an obligation to maintain confidentiality in the light of the fact that they are not allowed to use, share or divulge such information for purposes other than those listed above.

Newsletter and other infos:
If you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter or recieve other infos (in full respect of our products and services, our affiliated companies or our work partners), we offer you the opportunity to voluntarily join this service. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and other promotional communications, you can simply click on us to let us know.

Visitors registration, login and use of "cookies" and web bugs.
To improve our service and our products we use cookies (temporary and permanent), authorized third party cookies, web bugs, and / or other technologies that allow us to retrieve non-confidential information (example. IP address, browser type, and Internet Service Provider - ISP) and (for users who use our mobile service) the UDI identification code, operating system, and Latitude / Longitude) (below, the "Non-PII"), To observe the behavior of virtual navigators and to monitor and record visits and the use of our Web sites. To understand how users use our website and to conduct market surveys and qualitative improvements, we will collect, record, and use data and information of various kinds on anonymous basis: total number of requests between users, web pages displayed, sites of Reference / output pages, platforms, time information and data such as the number and location of clicks on a given page, mouse movements, scrolling and search terms and typed texts while staying and using our website (the data"). In addition, we will use your non-PII ("Personal Identifiable Information") for behavioral targeting techniques and will register your Non-Pll for any legal inquiries regarding fraud, misuse and criminal investigations. Please note that we may from time to time use third party providers to conduct market surveys and qualitative improvements ("Service Providers"). We may also use the Service Providers to monitor the detailed activity of visitors to our Web site or specific pages. These Service Providers collect, use, monitor, and provide the data and other information and statistics they detect and also analyze your online activities on our website. Information about your use of our site (Data and Non-PII) may be communicated to and stored on Service Provider servers. In addition, the Service Provider may transfer the information collected to third parties, where provided by law or where such third parties handle the information on behalf of the Service Provider. If you visit and use our website, we will not share any of your personal information with our Service Provider and the latter will not collect any personal information (PII). IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider, UDI ID, Operating System, and Latitude / Longitude are not considered as Personal data. We may share and disclose your personal information and personal information to governmental or investigative authorities, if provided by law (or any law having legal value), legal proceedings, criminal investigation, injunction or lawsuit.

About cookies and web bugs
Cookies are text fragments stored on your computer's hard disk temporarily or permanently. They are used to authenticate and track sessions (status maintenance) and to store specific information about our site users, such as favorite sites or the content of their shopping carts. For more information, visit:
Web bugs are small source code sections that represent a graphics image request on a web page or an e-mail. Web bugs may or may not be associated with a visible graphic image. Often, the image is created to blend into the background of the web page or e-mail. Web bugs can be used for various purposes: site traffic surveys, unique visitor counts, auditing and advertising reporting, and customization processes. Web bugs used by collect data only in anonymous form.

Protecting and Safeguarding Online Privacy.
In accordance with the European Personal Data Protection Act, Mondovela observes strict security procedures to prevent personal data from being accessed or used improperly or without authorization. To protect and safeguard your personal information you have provided us, we have implemented and use appropriate procedures and work systems. For example, we have implemented and use security procedures and physical and technical restrictions regarding the access and use of personal information. Access to personal information is only permitted to authorized personnel, which can thus perform the work while respecting our services. Our server and our network are protected against firewalls against unauthorized access. We also have an intrusion detection system that monitors and detects unauthorized access attempts or improper use of our servers.

Verify your data
You can check at any time your personal information we have registered. You can request them by sending us an e-mail to our e-mail address: [email protected]: In the subject of the email write "Requesting my Personal Data". If your data is incorrect, we will be careful to modify it after receiving a request. You can also ask us from Mondovela to unsubscribe from our database by sending an e-mail to the above e-mail address.

Authorization and modification
We are authorized at all times to change the ways of collecting, transmitting and processing personal information and any other kind of information at our sole discretion. This Privacy Policy may therefore be amended from time to time with the aim of reflecting on the most recent changes.

MONDOVELA srl is responsible for the management of personal data. MONDOVELA srl is a limited liability company subject to the laws of Italy and out head office is in Via Washington, 7 – 20146 Milano - Italia - P.IVA e C.F 11343790157, Enrolled in the Register of Innovative Companies N° REA TS-135084 - Social capital 30.000,00 € fully paid.
For any suggestions or observations regarding this information, you can contact us at the contact details here:

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