Faq Flotilla cruises

What's a Flotilla?
A Flotilla is a sailing vacation where to have fun and get to know new people. Imagine a group of 3 to 15 boats (based on flotilla typology) that sail following the same route and mooring every evening one to each other forming a real floating island. In this boats package right after sun setting parties, water games, relax and wellness moments will be arranged.

How's boats' interiors organized?
Our boats are provided with double cabins with king or bunk beds. There are 2 available categories: CLUB (4 cabins and 2 heads) and XL (4 cabins and 4 heads). Where indicated, also catamaran boats are available for additional space and navigation comfort. All our boats are provided with full kitchen, heads, shower and hot water, dining table both internal and external and all the equipments needed to comfortably live on board.

Can i rent a boat without the skipper?
Yes, of course. “Bareboat” option is available for all flotillas active for crews that are already completed and with at least one nautical license. You'll be able to rent the boat and follow the flotilla chief with our other boats that will give you all the infos and assistance needed.

Can I join in even if I haven't got a complete crew?
Yes, of course. You can travel on your own, in pairs or with all the friends you choose by choosing from 8 to 10 crew yachts. Mondovela will arrange crews based on age of individual participants and trying to always give a fair balance between men and women.

How can I choose my crew?
Mondovela helps you to get a completed crew. Join our parties and subscribe to our pages: Mondovela and Mondovela FUN! on Facebook.

What if the weather will be bad?
It's unusual for perturbations to last long but if the weather will be bad the flotilla has always alternative routes to be done.

How's the meals organized?
All our boats are provided with kitchen and fridges where meals will be prepared by the crew. Food provisioning will be made during first day and will be charged by the crews.

I never tried a sailing vacation, will I suffer from seasickness?
The only moment during which you'll suffer will be during landing. All navigation will be performed in protected sea areas. If you'll be suffering from seasickness, our doctor on board will help you to feel better.

How's a standard day organized?
Wake up and departure at 9.30 a.m., morning sailing with stop at anchor for lunch, afternoon relax. Afternoon departure for sailing until our evening destination. Package berth (see “What's a Flotilla?”), parties, relax and drinks on the beach depending to flotilla typology.